Logistics Academy

The Logistics Academy equips students with knowledge and skills regarding the process of managing the flow of goods through the supply chain from point of origin to destination.


Introduction to Logistics

Equips students with knowledge and skills regarding the fundamental elements of logistics. Students investigate various topics related to the field with emphasis on logistics affiliates, real-world scenarios, system applications, and associated terminology. Topics include the logistics environment, supply chain management, material-handling equipment, and technology

Foundations of Warehousing and Distribution

Students investigate various topics related to warehousing with emphasis on safety, processes, teams, cost, supply and demand, inventory, and associated terminology. Specific topics include warehouse safety, warehouse logistics, transport modes, quality control principles, teamwork and problem-solving, and procurement.

Industry-Specific Logistics Processes

Students investigate integrated logistics services for all sectors with emphasis on products, storage systems, equipment, picking systems, order fulfillment, and material management. Specific topics include receiving, storing, order processing and picking, packing and shipping, inventory control, dispatch and tracking operations, and industry sectors.
Logistics Academy

Why Logistics at Theodore High School?